5G Communication Between Cyclists And Cars May Save Lives

by : Daniel Richardson on : 02 Dec 2020 17:38
5G Communication Between Cyclists And Cars May Save LivesPA Images

Cycling is often a great way to get exercise and commute simultaneously, but the practice isn’t without its dangers. Cars and bicycle collisions can be fatal, but technology may have the ability to protect both parties. 

Cyclists are infamously hard to see for automobile drivers, but the dashboard may hold the answer to this kind of issue. A prototype was showcased in Turin, where a driver had a flashing signal warn them of a cyclist that had gone noticed. The dashboard succeeded in alerting the driver to the cyclist and no incident occurred.


This vehicle to vehicle communication is now being explored further and it is hoped that it will help protect the growing cycling community.


By using 5G to allow high-speed communication between vehicles, an accident was avoided and the LINKS Foundation intends to expand this technology. There are already technologies such as Garmin’s Varia radar taillight which lights up when cars approach and Volvo have a collision warning feature that brakes for cyclists but this 5G communication could take safety further and prevent up to 35% of accidents.

The LINKS Foundation wants all cars and bikes to communicate but this raises several challenges. Firstly, making all brands adhere to the same means of communication and implementing similar automatic braking systems will be difficult. Secondly, there are concerns that putting a small computer on every bike will make products unaffordable for consumers. On top of these two factors, there is a problem with vehicles being overloaded by brake prompts in busy cities where cycling is popular.

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It is hoped that with further study, the path of cyclists can be predicted by computers within cars. The team behind the research are also expecting that this technology to become more valuable as autonomous vehicles become increasingly common on the roads. With these areas of focus in mind, it is evident that communicating vehicles is an exciting avenue.

Whether autonomous vehicles are seen on roads more regularly remains to be seen, but the opportunity to reduce cycling accidents by 35% is an important pursuit that could save lives.

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