67 New Emojis Are Coming And Most Of Them Are Truly Terrible

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It’s been a bad year for emojis with their movie flopping hard, so in a desperate effort to reinvigorate their brand we’re getting a load of terrible new ones. 

While some are fine, notably the red headed ones, most are dreadful and will leave most people shrugging their shoulders with the kind of indifference they usually reserve for sub-par animations about smiley faces.

Documents released by the Unicode Consortium, the group behind emojis, indicate we’ll be getting 67 new pictographs.

Friends ?

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Here’s a look at some of the more inexplicable new emojis….

A Lacrosse stick

For when you can’t be arsed looking up the spelling of Lacrosse but want your friends to know you’re middle class as fuck.

Fire Extinguisher

For when the chat’s too lit?

Toilet Roll

For when you’re trapped in the bathroom with no loo roll and too lazy to scream?

Frowning Poo

Frowning Pile of Poo is now a draft emoji for 2018 ? ? #emoji #newemojis #unicode #emojipedia

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I still don’t know why we have a smiling poo face.

Soap, Broom, Laundry and Sponge

Expect to see these a lot from your mum when you’ve not tidied your room.

Whatever the fuck these are supposed to be…

God knows why you’d use these, maybe I’ll ask a priest when I’m next in church.

Again who needs a lab coat emoji?

Blue shoe, lab coat, goggles and brown shoe. I think we all know what that means!

All 67 emoji are currently ‘draft candidates’ for Unicode 11.0, scheduled to release June 2018.

Bet you can’t wait.