A Disney Toy Story Themed Plane Exists

toy story plane @china_eastern_airlines/Instagram

This Toy Story themed Disney plane allows you to take a trip down memory lane with Woody and Buzz, to infinity and beyond!

Well, to Shanghai and back, really.

The Disney Pixar franchise has been delighting audiences, young and old, since its initial release in the mid-nineties – 1995, to be precise.

But now, you can relive the magic in real time and thousands of feet in the air, just how Buzz Lightyear would have wanted it – without the falling in style, presumably.

Forget about the theme parks and the roller coaster rides, as well as the endless merchandise Disney and Pixar have peddled for the past two decades.

This is so much more than entertainment-led escapism for film fans. This is a genuine commuter plane of dreams.

Starting at check-in, the entire experience is fused with the popular Disney franchise, reports Forbes.

The check-in machines are Toy Story themed, and the desks feature images of the characters, like Lotso, Jesse, Barbie, Mr Potato Head, Rex, Slinky, and of course, Buzz and Woody.

But, this is just the beginning.

Within the aircraft itself, the top of the cabin features artwork of the beloved characters, who taught a generation of kids about loyalty and leaving no man – or woman – behind.

The luggage compartments above the seats are sky blue, with cartoon clouds and a variety of other characters drawn on for constant in-flight entertainment.

Even the seats and tray tables feature colourful depictions of the characters, which is enough to make you forgo those delicious plane meals.

Speaking of food, the menus also are inspired by the Toy Story character list, with themed cutlery and food and drink options.

Presumably, there’s more than potato head on the menu.

Perhaps a little slice of heaven from Pizza Planet, the delicious fictional food franchise where Woody and Buzz were lost to Andy, kicking off the mild threat of the first film all those years ago?

Moreover, the headphones and other in-flight accessories are all themed to further enhance the experience.

This is China Eastern Airline’s third Disney livery plane, they proudly announced at the time of her maiden voyage in April 2018.

The first flight saw passengers being taken from Beijing to Shanghai, for a special ride direct to the Shanghai Disney Resort.

In the pictures, you can see excited fans snapping away at the impressive outer shell, emblazoned with the image of Buzz Lightyear full-steam ahead, fist facing forward in mid-flight.

Meanwhile, fans around the world eagerly await Toy Story 4, the next in the franchise. If it’s anything like the third film, the waterworks are bound to be switched on for the duration.

The narrative of film will follow ‘a reluctant new toy called Forky’ who ‘joins the Toy Story gang and throws Woody into a spin’ prompting ‘old and new friends’ to embark on a road trip together, to show our favourite cowboy ‘how big the world can be for a toy’.

Tim Allen, who voices Buzz Lightyear, told Jimmy Fallon the film is ‘deep and moving’ with ‘a wonderful plot’.

Toy Story 4 is out 21 June.

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