A Gun For Disabled And Elderly People Is About To Go On Sale

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What will they think of next? The latest device to hit weapons stores means it’s easier than ever to shoot someone.

The device – which has been primarily designed for the elderly and disabled – is a lightweight, ergonomic single-shot firearm which, with just one easy click of a button you can take someone out. Holy shit.

Palm Pistol

This brand new weapon called the ‘Palm Pistol’ was created in New Jersey this year by Constitution Arms and CEO Matthew Carmel told Fox News why he’s targeted (not literally) disabled and elderly people:

Seniors and the disable suffer a disproportionate share of being victims to crime. Most precisely because they are vulnerable. I find it amazing that the government wouldn’t want to support the most vulnerable sectors of our society.

Constitution Arms are ‘overwhelmed’ with interest for the weapon, but you wont have to wait to long as the first 500 Palm Pistols will start being sold in December.

You can just imagine it now, Americans rushing out everywhere to get it for their nan as a wonderful Christmas gift. All it will cost you is $1,350 (£890) a pop. Ouch.