Alarm Clock App Has Ingenious Method To Make Sure You Wake Up

by : UNILAD on : 24 Jan 2016 19:40

It is the eve of another working week and no doubt tomorrow morning will see hordes of people hit snooze on their alarm clock.


But a new app for Android devices could revolutionise early mornings, forcing users to actually get up via the use of three games.

Users of the Mimicker Alarm app can choose from three options when their alarm goes off. You can either opt to take a selfie, take a photo of an object that matches a requested colour, or repeat a tongue twister.

If you opt for the selfie don’t think you’ll get away with just mindlessly taking a snap from your bed. The app makes you express a particular emotion, so you will have to open your eyes.

Check it out:


One of Project Oxford apps programme managers, Allison Light, said of the Mimicker app:

We’re a lot nicer than other alarms.

You start with dismiss or snooze. If you snooze, the default is five minutes to delay the game.

If you dismiss, we mute the alarm – but then you have 30 seconds to complete this challenge. And if you don’t complete that game in time, we assume you’ve fallen back asleep and then the alarm will start ringing again.

You only need to complete one game to shut off the alarm. You can choose the sounds and which games you want to play.


But if you don’t have an Android phone don’t worry, alternative alarms are available…

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