Alex Jones Says Cell Phones With 5G Used To Mind Control The Population

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Alex Jones has said 5G is being used to help control the American population.

In a five hour talk on the popular podcast with comedian and presenter Joe Rogan, the Infowars host discussed a theory which sounds exactly like the plot from Kingsman: The Secret Service.


He believes cell towers and 5G are being used to dumb down the public and stun everyone. He also states 5G causes mass mutations and cancer.

At one point, Alex discusses how 5G scrambles people’s DNA in order to keep everybody in check:

The globalists understand that. They decided to take control, make it scientific, stun everyone and dumb them down so they can scientifically try to orderly carry this operation out.

The cellphone watches you, tracks you and surveys you. You think that it’s one way. But beyond that, it’s also a microwave relay system, they can manipulate. And the towers are even more powerful given to us by the technology that the breakaway government at NASA has developed.


Yes, he really did claim NASA are part of a breakaway, also stating how he believes the CIA have done the same thing.


But is there any truth in what Alex Jones is actually talking about?

Well, 5G is poised to roll out in places such as the UK and US, and according to Wired, antennas the size of a pizza box will have to be installed approximately every 250 feet to ensure connectivity.


But there hasn’t been any real research into the effects 5G will have on humans when once it is rolled out.


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Worries about radiation from a smartphone causing cancer is something which has been researched before.

In 2011, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared devices could possibly cause cancer in humans. However, the risk is said to be incredibly small and more research would need to be done in order to truly reveal the health implications.


Back to Alex Jones though – it’s definitely worth checking out the rest of the podcast to see what other conspiracies he’s conjured up.


Seeing as Jones was recently blocked from social media sites and YouTube, you have to go to his Infowars to listen to his baffling rants.

One of them is half-human-half-pigs are being bred, as well as the government brokering a deal for inter-dimensional aliens to take over.


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