Amateur Astronomer Finds Clue About The Source Of The Wow! Signal

by : Daniel Richardson on : 26 Nov 2020 16:04
wow mystery solvedwow mystery solvedBig Ear Radio Telescope/PA

The Wow! signal mystified astronomers when it was first received in 1977, and it has been an enigmatic event ever since. Now an amateur astronomer is offering an answer to the origin of the signal. 

When the Wow! signal was recorded at the Big Ear Radio Telescope in Delaware, Ohio, it lasted 72 seconds before disappearing. Since then, the signal has never been found again. This mysterious event has led to theories that the signal was a message from aliens.


Alberto Caballero is part of the YouTube channel ‘The Exoplanets Channel,’ and is also an amateur astronomer. Safe to say, Caballero has a deep interest in space and has spent a significant amount of time trying to find the source of the Wow! signal by trawling through Gaia’s database of billions of stars.

The video below details Caballero’s findings:

Initially, it was claimed that the Wow! signal had come from asteroids, but they turned out to be outside the region where the signal was detected. On the back of this, Caballero began studying stars and regions that may be able to allow life to thrive.


Caballero has now published his study, which claims that if the signal was from extraterrestrial life, it would have to come from a galaxy that could allow for life to develop. In the end, Caballero found a star named 2MASS 19281982-2640123, which he believes may be the origin of the signal.

This is because the star acts like our sun for its orbiting planets, and this means life could be facilitated. It would also be in the correct position, as it aligns with where the original signal was detected.

Whether this study proves to be correct or not, this could be a good starting point for deeper research into the enigmatic signal.

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