Anonymous Launch Huge Cyberattack On Turkey As Part Of War Against ISIS

by : Tom Percival on : 26 Dec 2015 15:54
Anonymous Launch Huge Cyberattack On Turkey As Part Of War Against ISIS logoAnonymous Launch Huge Cyberattack On Turkey As Part Of War Against ISIS logoforbes.com

The hacktivist group Anonymous have claimed responsibility for a number of cyberattacks on the Turkish internet, that took around 400,000 websites offline.

The hackers have accused Turkey of supporting the so called Islamic State, something the government has repeatedly denied.


Anonymous recently ‘went to war’ with ISIS after the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris, which left 130 people dead.

In an online video, Anonymous said:

Dear government of Turkey, if you don’t stop supporting ISIS, we will continue attacking your Internet, your root DNS, your banks and take your government sites down,

After the root DNS we will start to hit your airports, military assets and private state connections … We will destroy your critical banking infrastructure.


Turkish servers were bombarded for more than a week earlier this month, in what’s being called some of the most intense cyberattacks in the history of the country.

The servers were targeted for distributed denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, where hackers attempt to crash websites with massive volumes of fake traffic.

Security research firm Radware said the attack left more than ‘400,000 websites’ in Turkey down.

ISIS anonymous-hacker-cyber-temple-mount-computerISIS anonymous-hacker-cyber-temple-mount-computerbreakingisraelnews.com

The government was eventually forced to cut off all foreign internet traffic coming to ‘.tr’ websites – Turkey’s domain – to help stop the assault, according to Radware.

Turkey has been under fire in recent months for failing to actively stop ISIS, especially given the geographic proximity to Syria and Iraq.

President Obama has put pressure on the country to secure their border with Syria, and U.S. officials have expressed frustration that Turkey has not stopped extremists smuggling oil.

Anonymous have used these details as evidence Turkey is ‘supporting ISIS’.


The group have demanded: ‘Stop this insanity now, Turkey’.

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