Anonymous Publish Beginners Guide On How To Fight Isis Online

Anonymous Publish Beginners Guide On How To Fight Isis OnlineTwitter

Hacktivists Anonymous have released a series of guides for getting involved in their cyber war campaign against Isis…

The how-to instructions for getting involved in the groups Operation Paris (OpParis) includes how to’s on hacking websites associated with Isis, as well as details on how to identify and bring down the group’s social media accounts.


In total, three guides were posted to an IRC channel used by Anonymous to share information on OpParis, encouraging anyone to get involved regardless of their computer skills.

They include a “NoobGuide” for anyone wanting to learn how to hack, a “Reporter” guide that explains how to set up a Twitter bot for uncovering IS accounts, and a “Searcher” guide for finding IS websites.


This isn’t the first time Anonymous have tried to recruit others to join their revolution either. They launched a step-by-step guide for taking down supporters of IS Twitter accounts in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

These latest guides include detailed instructions on how to carry out cyber attacks against IS websites, such as distributed denial of service (DDoS) and man in the middle (MITM) attacks.

Medyan Dairieh/ZUMA Press/Corbis

Anonymous has promised that the OpParis campaign will be the “biggest operation ever”, but Isis are rather sceptical of their capabilities and branded them “idiots” who are unable to cause significant disruptions to its online operations.

However, this hasn’t stopped the cyber branch of the so-called Islamic State issuing a set of basic guidelines to help protect followers from being targeted by hacking group Anonymous.

Since launching on Sunday, OpParis has already resulted in more than 20,000 Twitter accounts associated with Jihadists to be taken down.


We’re currently in a time where the internet plays a monumental role in current events, and Anonymous are making sure they have a foothold in it.