Anonymous Unmask Bully Caught Beating Up Another Kid In Shocking Footage

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It looks like Anonymous took time out of their busy schedule battling the likes of Donald Trump, Isis, Japan and whoever else pisses them right off to target a nasty bully in Australia…

They’ve reportedly leaked the personal details of an alleged teenage bully who was captured on camera beating up another lad over an apparent unpaid debt.


The hacktivists published a video on Facebook of the attack, along with the bully’s home address, phone number, social media accounts and his parents and grandparents details.

In their message, they said: “If you don’t want your personal details all over the internet, stop bashing people.”


The video – which was filmed in Victoria, Australia – shows a teenager approach another kid and punch him several times in the face and ribs. The boy needed hospital treatment.

After identifying who they claimed to be the bully, Anonymous wrote: 

It has come to our attention that a video showing a guy hitting another guy who clearly shows fear gets hit numerous times, kicked and punched and has his ribs [sic] broken all over $50 that the victim say’s he was going to pay the next day.The video is quite unpleasant and you can hear his ribs break as he screams. So who is this tough guy?


After the bully seemed to be unmasked, the 15-year-old attacker was bombarded with abuse and violent threats, 7 News reported. It’s even believed that one person threatened to firebomb his family home.

In response to the leak carried out by Anonymous, the bully posted a response on Facebook, claiming the lad he brutally beat up had stolen from him and his friends and called him ‘a compulsive liar’.


Speaking to 7 News, his mother said her son had learned his lesson ‘the hard way’ after being arrested and charged over the shocking attack.

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