Anonymous Unveil New Weapon In War Against ISIS – Rickrolling

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Anonymous have announced the latest tool in their online war against ISIS – Rickrolling.

The hacktivist group has utilised the awesome power of Rick Astley to make the world a safer place (a sentence I’m sure no one thought they’d ever hear).

According to Digital Spy the group have been disrupting the terrorist organisation’s online presence by replacing their propaganda with Astley’s hit 1980s track, ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’.


The aim is to make it difficult for jihadis to access extremist content online, by posting links that appear to be Islamic State material but are in fact Rick Astley doing his thing.

Anonymous launched an anti-ISIS campaign after the Paris attacks, declaring war on the terrorist organisation and releasing a beginners guide on how to fight them online.

This comes as experts have warned IS’s social media strategy is one of their most powerful tools, letting them communicate and influence people worldwide.

Medyan Dairieh:ZUMA Press:CorbisMedyan Dairieh/ZUMA Press/Corbis

The hackers have also started Rickrolling ISIS related hashtags on Twitter with links to ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’, The Telegraph reported.

Let the Rickrolling commence!