Apple CEO Reveals Bizarre Inspiration For The iPhone

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iPhones and Apple products certainly need no introduction, but you may be shocked to learn that they’re not as modern as you probably thought. In fact, they date back to the golden age… Sort of. 

Comically admitting the idea behind the iPhone, Apple boss, Tim Cook, credited 17th Century Dutch artist Pieter De Hooch after he spotted what appeared to be one of the smartphones in one of Hooch’s most famous paintings.

Speaking at an event in Amsterdam on Tuesday, Cook revealed that he had visited the city’s cultural Rijksmuseum where he had spotted the iPhone in a painting, reports the Mirror.

6657Pieter De Hooch
Man_hands_a_letter_to_a_woman_in_a_hall_by_Pieter_de_Hooch-1Pieter De Hooch

At the event he was asked by former European Commissioner Neelie Kroes, when and where he was when the iPhone was invented.

Cook said:

You know, I thought I knew until last night. Last night Neelie took me over to look at some Rembrandt and in one of the paintings I was so shocked. There was an iPhone in one of the paintings. It’s tough to see but I swear it’s there.

The painting that Cook was referring to was Hooch’s, ‘Man Hands a Letter to a Woman in a Hall’, from 1670.


The scene depicted shows a letter cupped between the palm of a woman’s hand which looks incredibly like a modern day iPhone – hence the joke.

Now I’m no conspiracy theorist, but do we need any more proof for time travel? I think not.