Apple Confirm Serious Problem With iPhone X


Apple have confirmed that they are having serious issues with the iPhone X, more specifically with Face ID.


The iPhone X was only released at the tail end of last year, but new reports suggest Apple are struggling with Face ID failures.

Interestingly, Apple seem to have solved the issues surrounding Face ID, their own sophisticated facial recognition system, however many are confused by their solution.

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Although Face ID works via the front camera of the iPhone X, Apple news blog MacRumours, claims that stores which have been authorised to fix faulty iPhone X models are doing so by repairing the rear camera, Sky News reports.

Apple instructions obtained by MacRumors read as follows:

In order to provide the best customer experience, if a customer reports that their iPhone X is having Face ID issues, you may be able to resolve the issue with a rear camera repair.

Run AST 2 on the customer’s device to check the camera. If the diagnostics find issue with the camera, perform the repair to see if the issue is resolved. If the issue is not resolved, perform a whole unit replacement instead of a same-unit display repair.

What suggests this is a serious problem is the news that if the rear-camera repair does not fix Face ID, stores are now authorised to perform a whole unit replacement instead of a simple display repair.

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As of yet it remains unclear what the link between the rear and front camera is, but it looks like an issue with the dual-lens camera on the back and it is thought that this might hinder Face ID functionality.


Thankfully – Face ID malfunctions are not yet widespread across the globe, however if you notice any issues the recommended course of action is to first head to Apple’s Community Support page.

Then select ‘iPhone’, then ‘Repairs & Physical Damage’. Click on the option that says ‘The Topic Is Not Listed’ which will then present you with an option that reads ‘Bring In For Repair’.

Click on that and you’ll be able to schedule an appointment to have your iPhone repaired or replaced.


However it’s not all bad news as the next iPhone is rumoured to have some incredible new features – such as being able to fold out into a tablet.

It looks like the iPhone’s super sleek appearance is set to blow our collective minds all over again with a mind bending foldable model; a world apart from the iconic rectangle which has come to dominate modern culture.

According to CNBC, Bank of America Merrill Lynch have revealed Apple is working alongside Asian partners to craft the striking iPhone design. And it could well land within the next two years.

Senior analyst Wamsi Mohan reportedly gave the following message to clients, after having met with multiple Apple suppliers throughout Asia:

We expect the iPhones this fall to be largely unchanged for the OLED versions although size changes have proved to be a catalyst in the past,

Our checks also suggest that Apple is working with suppliers on a foldable phone (that potentially could double up as a tablet) for launch in 2020.

I can’t see Apple going away anytime soon!

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