Apple Could Reveal HUGE New iPhone Soon

by : UNILAD on : 09 Mar 2016 12:49
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My hands aren’t huge but I still struggle to type on my iPhone. Still, if you do happen to have huge hands, you’ll be very pleased to hear that Apple could be revealing a far bigger iPhone this year.

The iPhone 7S Pro is predicted to have a 5.8 inch screen – the current iPhone, the iPhone 6S Plus, is 5.5 inches.


According to Digital Trends, the rumour argues that Apple could produce up to 50 million of the devices for release in 2017.

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All of the phones would be equipped with brand new screen technology such as an AMOLED screen, which some Samsung devices are using at the minute, as opposed to Apple’s current LED screens.

The AMOLED screens offer greater colour and brightness, while preserving energy and battery life.


A note obtained from DigiTimes states:

Supply chain sources believe that 50 million of these AMOLED-equipped iPhones will make it out to customers in the first year of availability.

The report also states that LG and Japan Display are looking to get involved with the production of the new phones once some initial progress is made.


Exciting times!

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    Is your iPhone 6S Plus too small? Good news, Apple may make a 5.8-inch OLED iPhone 7S Pro