Experts Claim Your iPhone Could Be Wrecked By ‘Touch Disease’

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Engineers have claimed that your iPhone could be a ‘time bomb’ waiting to break, leaving you stranded without a smartphone.

Apple experts have said that both versions of the iPhone 6 are susceptible to the ‘touch disease’ which leaves the smartphone’s touchscreen completely unresponsive.

iFixit, a website that describes itself as an ‘online repair manual’, recognised the ‘disease’ and have claimed it’s ‘incredibly common’.

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They wrote:

There’s no way to tell exactly how many phones are afflicted with what we’re calling Touch Disease, but every repair tech we spoke to told us that the problem is incredibly common.

Phones affected by the disease suffer from the grey screen of death which is a grey, flickering bar at the top of the screen which renders the touchscreen unresponsive.

The problem’s caused when the internal connection between the phone’s hardware stop responding, stopping the screen from working.

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Mobile phone repair companies have said it’s a common enough problem in a number of iPhones.

Jason Villmer, owner of a repair shop, said: 

This issue is widespread enough that I feel like almost every iPhone 6/6 Plus has a touch of it (no pun intended) and are like ticking bombs just waiting to act up.

If your phone begins to suffer from the fault iFixit advised replacing your phone or taking advantage of the warranty replacement option, although they can’t guarantee that a replacement won’t suffer from the same issue.