Apple Has Revealed The iPhone 7

by : UNILAD on : 07 Sep 2016 18:45
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Apple have finally revealed their iPhone 7 and it looks incredibly like the iPhone 6.


Today’s launch event in San Francisco has been long-awaited by tech fans who are especially interested in the headphone socket and dual camera rumours.

The new handset was unveiled on Twitter before the live stream kicked off.


The big event opened with Apple CEO Tim Cook being driven by James Corden along with Pharrell in a special edition of Carpool Karaoke.


After Cook stopped keeping us in suspense with chat about new variations of the Apple Watch (which is now waterproof and has Pokémon Go), Apple Music (17 million users), the app store (140 billion downloads), and the reveal that Super Mario is coming to the app store via an appearance from Nintendo, we finally got a better look at the new phone.

Tim Cook says it is the “best iPhone that we have ever created”.

We now know that the new edition comes in colours of Piano Black, Dark Black (not sure why there are two blacks), as well as the classics, silver, gold, and rose gold.

As we all feared, they’re trying to be original again and have gotten rid of the universal headphone socket that we all know and love.

It has been replaced with ‘Airpod’ wireless ear buds that are not included with the handset, but also cost a pretty penny.

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If you can’t afford these snazzy buds, Apple will include a Lightning socket adapter for normal headphones.


The way that the wireless headphones and earbuds work is via a more power-efficient Bluetooth chip rather than the traditional Bluetooth connection… so that’ll leave us more battery life for Pokémon Go (everyone still plays that, right?).

A futuristic feature that we all hoped for is the dual camera which is built into the larger 5.5 inch model. The two 12 megapixel sensors will be used for zoom and light-field application.

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Basically, the iPhone 7 Plus will have a dual camera, while the regular iPhone 7 will have a single camera that appears larger than previous-generation iPhone cameras.


On top of that, our club selfies will come out even better with the extra LED flashes which produce more natural colour in low-light photos.

Along with the high-definition photos, comes a lot more storage. The new iPhone has double the base storage and mid-tier’s storage, so you can choose from 32GB, 128GB and 256GB models.

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Plus, here’s one for all of you who’ve dropped your iPhone in the toilet while swiping on Tinder – the new model is water-resistant, surviving depths of 3.3 feet for 30 minutes.

The last big question is when can you get your hands on one? It will be available in all major shops from Friday, September 16, although pre-orders start today.

We’re hoping for some ‘Shot on iPhone 7’ posters on the side of buildings soon.


The event is still ongoing and you can watch the live stream on Apple’s website here (although only in Safari, Microsoft Edge, iOS or on an Apple TV set-top box).

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