Apple Investigating Huge Error In iPhone 8s

by : UNILAD on : 07 Oct 2017 09:07

Numerous iPhone 8 and iPhone 8+ buyers have stated there is a huge malfunction which causes the phone’s battery to swell causing the iPhone itself to terrifyingly crack and split open.


Despite an Apple spokesperson refusing to speak out on how many devices are effected by the fault, Apple are reportedly looking into the claims seriously.

Fortunately, according to Techcrunch the number of devices effected are ‘very few’ however a more specific report carried out by CNET, claims that around six different reports in five countries of the iPhone 8 spilling its guts due to battery swelling.


Thankfully, the phones that did break open earlier this week did not show any signs of exploding or burning.


As I’m sure you can all remember, last year Samsung had gargantuan problems with their highly anticipated Galaxy Note 7.

Not only did the Galaxy Note 7 split at its seams, those boys were catching fire and, in some cases, seriously burning those that came into contact with them.

So far Apple haven’t released the numbers of sales for the iPhone 8 and 8x which were released just last week however many sales analysts believe that Apple may be holding off on releasing the number due to the much more anticipated release of the iPhone X next year.

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    Apple is looking into reports of iPhone 8 batteries swelling