Apple Is About To Make It Way Easier To Fix Your Cracked iPhone Screen

by : UNILAD on : 09 Jun 2017 21:37

Apple is about to make it a lot easier for you to fix your smashed iPhone screen.

We’ve all been there. Saturday night – or Sunday morning – staring down at an overturned smartphone on the floor on a city centre street, doner in one hand, can of coke in the other. ‘It’ll be right,’ we convince our mates, before going to pick it up. It’s not right at all. Your phone is mashed to shit.


We never have to fear that anymore, because in a revelatory move, Apple is preparing to roll out hundreds of machines that will allow third party shops to repair cracked devices.


Usually, people have had to go to Apple stores to fix their phones save maybe for a couple of low-key shops that also offer it. But now it plans to be widespread and legitimate.

Apple intends to give its proprietary machines to around 400 authorised third-party repair centres in 25 countries, company execs told Reuters.


One of the first chains to bag the machines will be the Best Buy, over in the United States.

The decision comes as customer complaints about repair wait times have reached an all time high in America, with at least eight states considering “right to repair” bills.

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    Apple makes iPhone screen fixes easier as states mull repair laws