Apple ‘Making Huge Changes’ To iPhone 8


According to 9to5Mac in 2016 12.9% of all smartphones were iPhones – that is a huge number of phones.
The interest in the next one is equally huge.

Apple released the first generation iPhone in 2007 – making the iPhone 8 the 10th anniversary iPhone.

This has lead to lots of industry rumours that the tech company is going to make some big leaps forward with this model – a welcome change after a run of largely unimpressive tweaks in recent iPhones.

According to iDrop News; ‘it’s a near certainty that the iPhone 8 won’t have a Home button or much of a bottom bezel’.

I Googled it and a bezel is the bit around the edge of your screen. So this means that your screen will come right to the edge of your phone all the way round.

The new phone, possibly called iPhone Edition, is rumoured to be the same size as the iPhone 7 but with a larger screen at 5.8-inches of display instead of the 7’s 5.5-inch screen.

iDrop News have produced some impressive mock-ups of what they believe the new phone will look like.

As you can see from the pictures they believe that the bottom of the phone (where the home button traditionally is) will be replaced with a ‘function area’ where different buttons and options will appear digitally instead of physically.

iDrop News

This will mean the whole look and feel of the iPhone 8 will be totally different to most phones on the market, with the screen right to the edge of the phone and an adaptable interface.

It certainly has the potential to look very, very cool – which is Apple’s forte. Unfortunately, there are strong rumours that it will be a ‘premium model’ which means it’ll be even more expensive than the iPhone 7.

It still remains to be seen whether Apple can still innovate instead of just iterating. It’ll certainly take a pretty huge revolution to make as bigger impact as the original iPhone did in 2007.

We’ve still a little while to wait to find out though as iDrop News report analysts’ estimates for the iPhone 8 launch somewhere between October and November, 2017 – which let’s be honest, probably means 2018.