Apple Planning Huge Surprise For iPhone’s 10th Anniversary


With the iPhone 7 release just around the corner it probably doesn’t seem like the right time to start talking about next year’s iPhone updates.

However, next year coincides with the 10-year anniversary of the original iPhone, a device which revolutionised mobiles forever, and there’s a lot of rumours flying around about the big date, reports 9to5mac.

As can probably be expected, Apple are highly likely to release some sort of ‘gargantuan mega-phone’ to celebrate the 10-year anniversary. The sort of phone that will get tech junkies right on the peak of orgasm before they even open the box.

But just what will be included?

web iphonePixabay

Well there are rumours of a OLED display screen, a wireless charging system, and an entirely re-designed body – but it’s the ‘digital crown’ which is getting people really excited.

Now if you’re anything like me then you’ll have absolutely no fucking clue what a ‘digital crown’ is. Jeez for all I know a digital crown could be some sort of sick and dark method of euthanasia.

Apparently, the digital crown is the little spinny thing which has been on watches for millennia, and is already patented for iPad’s and iPod’s but has never made the big metamorphosis to the iPhone itself.

ab8c13c5579c74ed38b0845f8be001c5U.S. Patents Office

According to a patent submitted just days ago, Apple are interested in putting the ‘digital crown’ onto next years iPhone – using it as an additional home button – which could also work as a volume dial.

However, I have to ask who the fuck would really want this sort of ludicrous steampunk design?

Oh Apple.