Apple Unveils Huge Update That Everyone Will Love



Just in case you’ve been living on another planet the last couple of months, you might have noticed that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus launched worldwide.

This new phone is pretty similar to the old phone, except the fact it’s a lot more expensive, lacking a hole for headphones and comes in a brand spanking new box. Exciting times, right?

And the main difference between the 7 and the 7 Plus? A brand spanking new dual-camera set-up, oh, and the extra £120 price tag of course.


But Apple has now launched a new feature which will almost certainly satisfy selfie lovers, because that’s something that really matters in 2016 apparently.

It’s new iOS 10.1 software update will include a vital tweak to the 7 Plus handset’s camera, adding a new Portrait Mode that blurs the background which means you (or your subject) will be the centre of attention.


Apple believe the update will, ‘turn the camera you carry around with you everyday into an even more powerful photography tool’.

Apparently the effect has long been hard to replicate on a smartphone, with other developers falling short in recreating it- but Apple have made it a whole lot easier now to access it.

Unfortunately, for those who didn’t want to spend that little extra dollar on the iPhone 7 plus and got lumped with a dual-cameraless iPhone 7 this feature sadly won’t be available for you.


But hey, don’t get too down about it, you could instead spend that spare £120 on something that actually matters.