Apple’s iPhone X UK Price Has Seriously P*ssed Off Customers


The iPhone X costs £250 more in the UK than it does in America, and consumers are not happy.

Pronounced ‘iPhone 10’, the top tier model iPhone X costs ‘just’ $999 (£750) in the US.

However, Brits will be expected to fork out £999 for the high tech device which comes complete with Face ID and ‘augmented reality capabilities’.

The dollar to pound exchange rate has been cited as a reason, with the weakness of the pound after Brexit being largely blamed for the price hike.

Plenty of UK Apple users feel they are being taken advantage of. $1 is currently worth 75p, which still doesn’t explain the extent of the price hike.

Customers have also been asked to bear in mind how the US price is quoted with the exclusion of sales tax.

This tax varies between states and is added on at the point of purchase. Whereas 20% VAT in the UK is already included within the price.

However, even taking into account all these factors, a margin is still left of nearly £100. This is of course a fairly substantial amount for your average British shopper.

Speaking with the Financial Times, CCS insight analyst Ben Wood explained how Apple are ‘testing the patience and price sensitivity of its customers’:

Rivals will be watching how quickly Apple can meet demand for the iPhone X and begin to build margins on a new design with new components.
The relatively high prices of the iPhone X are a necessary and important mechanism to control demand in the near term.

Apple have still yet to provide a comment.

The spanking new iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8+ models were unveiled during yesterday’s annual Apple event.

Despite a tech gaff by Apple’s senior vice president in demonstrating the Face ID function, the phone has blown up the internet with its new features, including wireless charge, OLED display, and lack of home button.

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Will you be parting with £999 for the iPhone X, or will you just be keeping an eye out for the iPhone 7 price to drop?