Apple’s Latest Update Is Going To F*ck Over Loads Of People


Apple has just announced its slate of new iPhone releases, including the highly anticipated iPhone X.

Today there is another release coming to Apple users, the new operating system for iPhones and iPads.

Yes, iOS 11 is on the way, and with it will come a host of new and improved features for your handheld devices, but it might not all be good news.


The new update will possibly cause a few of your apps to stop working, because the update will end support for any app that can only run on a 32-bit processor.

Because new Apple devices are running on 64-bit processors, they are forcing people to upgrade by not allowing any app that runs on anything less, because they’re Apple and they love to force people to upgrade.

You can check to see if any of your apps will be affected by the update in Settings – head over to General, then About and clicking over to Applications.

Most of the big apps are going to be okay, as they’ve been updated to the 64-bit processors for a long time, reports The Independent.

Reddit/ horryshiet

The most likely apps at risk will be the smaller ones, but that still doesn’t mean it won’t cause an extreme amount of inconvenience.

The biggest losers in this situation are of course the developers of the apps themselves, who will have to rebuild the apps so they work on the new operating system, which takes a lot of time and money.

This comes after the revelation that the new iPhones will not come with some of the updated capabilities which were promised, despite the hefty price tag.


iOS 11 is set to arrive in the UK at around 6pm Tuesday September 19.