Artificial Intelligence Creates Its Own Playable Version Of Grand Theft Auto V

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Artificial Intelligence Creates Its Own Playable Version Of Grand Theft Auto VRockstar Games/sentdex/YouTube

Artificial intelligence has created a playable version of Grand Theft Auto V using Nvidia’s GameGAN technology.

Grand Theft Auto V has been an incredible success since its release, having been ported over three generations of consoles. Fans have now created a truly unique port – you can play a version of GTA V that artificial intelligence (AI) has created itself using Nvidia’s GameGAN (Generative Adversarial Networks) technology.


The concept is slightly confusing, but essentially the AI is fed footage of GTA V and then uses machine learning to build the game itself, which explains the slightly blurry interpretation of the world. The impressive project is called GAN Theft Auto.

Check out a video on the intriguing project:

In the video, sentdex explains that the AI was trained by both himself and Daniel Kukieła. The duo did this by showing the AI countless cars driving within the game before they set its neural network to begin working.


sentdex explains:

The neural network in this case is the entire game, it’s handling what happens when you press a key to turn left or right. There are no rules written here by us or the original Grand Theft Auto engine. The neural network is controlling all of this along with what happens when we try to turn.


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Concisely, the developer noted that he is ‘playing within a neural network’s representation of Grand Theft Auto V‘.


It is worth noting that players can only drive around inside the AI’s representation of the game, but it is still an incredible achievement.

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