Bentley Produce App To Tell Emotionless Billionaires What Car Is Right For Them

Bentley Motors/Youtube

Money changes people. Some for better, some for worse. If you experience the latter and have turned into a cold-hearted robot then Bentley has just created the app for you.

A major downside of losing your ability to emotionally engage with reality is that you will struggle to recognise items you genuinely admire.

To aid their cash rich consumers with this issue Bentley has launched an app that will create the users perfect Bentayga, all based on reading minute emotional responses.

Bentley Motors/Youtube

In Bentley’s own words the Inspirator “analyses subtle, muscular micro-shifts and correlates them with complex emotional and cognitive states.”

Whilst using the app a video is played that features a series of clips that reflect a lavish lifestyle, including suit fittings, exotic holidays, high end food, catwalks, and the list goes on.

While you watch this the app watches you, and based on the trends and tastes it spots a custom Bentayga is revealed that should suit the user to a tee.

Check it out below.

Can’t say it is a problem most of us will ever face, but still a pretty cool piece of technology that could be applied to more everyday problems in the not too distant future.