Bentley Will Only Produces EVs And Hybrids By 2026

by : Hannah Smith on : 06 Nov 2020 16:57
Bentley Will Only Produce EVs And Hybrids By 2026Bentley/PA Images

As the shift to electric accelerates, Bentley has become the latest car manufacturer to commit to a greener future.

The luxury car company has pledged to produce only electric vehicles and hybrids by 2026, and will offer plug-in versions of all its vehicles as early as 2023, Engadget reports.


The news comes as the company confirmed its plans to launch its first electric vehicle by 2025.


As per Autoweek, Bentley’s debut EV will be similar in style to the Jaguar I-Pace, and while the concept is still in the early design phase, its clear that the company will be hoping to set a new benchmark for luxury electric vehicles.

Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark told Autocar that the company believed customers would be willing to pay more for a truly sustainable vehicle.


He said:

Our values are about delivering the very best money can buy, and that puts us in a position where we can lead in whatever direction we turn to.

Yes, one goal is to lead in electrification in the luxury segment, but we also feel that sustainability can be about far more than just electrification. Our customers are happy to pay a premium if they can buy a car that is truly carbon-neutral, and that is now a core mission of the company.

It being Bentley, performance and style is will still be in the forefront of the company’s mind. Hallmark estimates that Bentley’s electric cars would need to be capable of between ‘300-350 miles of range, or enough to cruise at a 65mph average for five hours’, while maintaining the sleek aesthetic style the company is famous for.

The company gave us a few hints at what a Bentley EV could ultimately look like with the launch of its EXP 100 Gt concept last year. That design came equipped with four 201-335bhp electric motors, an estimated 0-62mph of 2.5sec, and a top speed of 186mph, and looked pretty much exactly how you’d expect a futuristic Bentley to look.


In addition, the first Bentley plug-in model – the Bentayga hybrid – hit the road last year, although with a zero emissions range of just 18 miles, the company clearly has some work to do.

Bentley announced the plans as part of its commitment to become a carbon neutral company. As well as producing more electric vehicles, the company says it is focusing on ‘energy consumption, CO2 emissions, waste water, use of solvents in the paint process and becoming plastic neutral.’

Bentley’s timeline for the shift to electric production mirrors that of its parent company, Volkswagen, which has also said it will stop production petrol-powered cars by 2026. And with plans in the works to begin producing its own electric batteries and charging stations, it looks like Volkswagen has its sights firmly set on Tesla’s EV crown.


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