Bill Gates Shuts Down Coronavirus Conspiracy Theorists That Claim He’s Implanting Chips Into People

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 20 Nov 2020 08:59
Bill Gates Shuts Down Coronavirus Conspiracy Theorists That Claim He's Implanting Chips Into PeoplePA Images/Comedy Central

From 5G masts to bat soup; there have been several conspiracy theories over the course of the pandemic, and now Bill Gates has had to debunk one that involves him.

The tech mogul has been said to be using the virus to implant brain chips into people in a bid to control them, something which is of course untrue.


Gates believe its anti-vaccination people behind the nonsensical claims who he says have ‘joined forces with some political-conspiracy dudes’.

Comedy Central

The 65-year-old also blamed social media for the spreading of these claims as it’s often used as a way to spread disinformation.

Discussing the matter on The Daily Show, Gates said, ‘Usually when you work on infectious disease, like Dr. Fauci and I do, you’re kind of obscure. Nobody talks that much about TB or malaria. So here we have this complete turnaround where vaccines, and are they good for people, are now front and centre.’


He continued:

There’s always been a small group of anti-vaccination people, and we see this with the measles vaccine. They’ve now got a platform, and they’ve joined forces with some political-conspiracy dudes.

And it’s so easy to click on, particularly when a simple explanation for this pandemic—that there is somebody evil behind it—is somehow easier than the true biology, which is actually kind of complicated. So we have to make the truth more interesting. We’ve got to label things with the truth.

Bill GatesPA Images

Gates added that he thinks there’s a ‘naïveté about how to make social media work well’ and, while he wishes he had the answer to ending the ongoing crisis, disinformation continues to grow on social media.


At the beginning of the pandemic, Gates was blamed for scaremongering after saying that the ‘worst was yet to come’ – which has since been proven to be right.

The Microsoft co-founder has now said that ‘we’re in for a rough winter’. He explained, ‘With the winter, when we’re colder, the virus multiplies more when we’re indoors more, so that’s not a good thing.’

Comedy Central

He continued, ‘Then there’s a certain fatigue – some of the things people have to do, in terms of staying away from friends, that’s tougher.’


Gates also warned people to expect to see bad news ‘for the next six to eight months’ but promised that there will be ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ once the vaccine has kicked in.

It’s okay to not panic about everything going on in the world right now. LADbible and UNILAD’s aim with our campaign, Cutting Through, is to provide our community with facts and stories from the people who are either qualified to comment or have experienced first-hand the situation we’re facing. For more information from the World Health Organization, click here.

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