Biohacking Tesla Owner Implants Car Key Into Her Arm

by : Matt Weston on : 14 Aug 2019 17:34
Amie DD

Thanks to this clever piece of engineering, you’ll never worry about losing your car keys again!


Software engineer and YouTuber Amie DD has implanted her car’s key into her arm so that she can start her car with her body. The proud owner of the Tesla Model 3 is now able to unlock and start her electric car with just a wave.

Unlike traditional car keys, the Tesla Model 3 can be unlocked and turned on via a key card. In the video on her channel, she demonstrates how she dissolved the card in acetone, in order to obtain the RFID chip inside. Then the chip was placed into a biopolymer, where the chip from the key card could be placed beneath the skin.

She has documented the experience of getting the implant done over the past 11 months on her YouTube channel.


Amie headed to a piercing shop in order to have the device installed properly. A body modification professional ensured that the chip was injected correctly into her left forearm.

While she was nervous about the procedure, she said on her blog that her biohacker (Pineapple) at Shaman Modifications quickly helped put her mind at ease:

He was amazing, detailed, explained all the steps to me. His studio was clean and sanitized. I was so nervous leading up to this, and he made the process so amazing!

Amie told The Verge that she needs to be very close to the vehicle in order for the implant to work and also claims her arm is still swollen from the implant. As a result, she is yet to have uploaded any footage of the chip in her arm actually working.


If it works properly, this new use of biohacking technology could change the way we get into our vehicles in the future. Although this clearly is not a procedure for the faint of heart, the response to her videos are of both skepticism and admiration.

Speaking on her YouTube video about people that have criticised her plan, she said that it only makes her want to do it more:

Not because I want to defy them, but it makes me question why… why can’t you do it that way, and what are the limitations?


Whether you would go through with the procedure or not depends on how squeamish you are. Having the ability to have your car key in your arm definitely has its benefits though.

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