Black Holes Really Are Doors To Other Worlds, Apparently

by : UNILAD on : 22 Apr 2017 18:45

Awesome new research has revealed black holes really could be portals to other parts of the universe.


There are so many films featuring black holes which transport people to far-flung parts of the universe, but this idea is no longer limited to the realms of science fiction.

Scientists do believe, however, that if you did manage to enter a black hole there is absolutely no way you’d make it back again.

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Not only that, while you’re travelling through to the other side, you’d be ‘spaghettified,’ which means you’d basically be ‘stretched out’ – like a stringy piece of pasta – according to the Independent. 


If you did manage to make it, the good news is you would be squeezed back into your original form, but the bad news is, you probably wouldn’t be alive.

Before this new enlightening bit of research came to light, scientists used to think anything which entered a black hole would be destroyed and there was no way they could get through to the other side.

Now though, they believe black holes are more of a ‘doorway,’ or a ‘tunnel’ and a means of travelling across the galaxy and beyond.

So, just to get a bit more scientific, the old theory was that the centre of the black hole would curve into an infinite point –  known as a ‘singularity’ – where everything is destroyed.

Instead, they believe at the very core of any black hole, there is a tiny spherical surface, which basically acts as a ‘wormhole,’ which would potentially allow someone or something to travel through space time.

Scientist Dr Gonzalo Olmo, from the University of Valencia said:


Our theory naturally resolves several problems in the interpretation of electrically-charged black holes.

In the first instance, we resolve the problem of the singularity, since there is a door at the centre of the black hole, the wormhole, through which space and time can continue.

This wormhole is supposed to be so miniscule – it’s teenier than an atomic nucleus – although they believe it increases in size as it becomes more charged with electricity.


The new theory eliminates the need for ‘exotic’ energy, which is normally required to form a wormhole.

And just to get really sciencey, in Albert Einstein’s theory of gravity, a wormhole can only be created with unusual properties which possess negative energy, pressure or density, however this new theory rebukes his old claims.

Dr Olmo said:

In our theory, the wormhole appears out of ordinary matter and energy, such as an electric field.


Potentially this could change the future of space travel forever. Who knows where it could take us?

To infinity and beyond comes to mind…

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