Bluesmart Black Edition Suitcase Review: Charge Your Phone On The Go


Bluesmart Black Edition

Bluesmart Black Edition suitcase charges your phone on the move, you can track it and you can even weigh it without using a separate digital scale.

The Bluesmart suitcase features a soft/hard hybrid exterior with a combination of nylon and polyester, a double layer PU coating for water and scratch resistant.

Bluesmart Black Edition

On the inside, you get a high-density microfibre interior which offers protection for your electronics. Travelling with your iPad or Laptop means you can worry less about scratches, dust and dirt.

Bluesmart also included a removable mesh divider, which I actually removed as I didn’t see the need for it, however, if you really want to divide things, then it’s nifty to have.

Bluesmart Black Edition

Overall, the Bluesmart is an airline regulation compliant carry-on size suitcase measuring 22”x14”x9”. I took it on multiple flights with no issue or questions asked in most cases – read on for more.

Bluesmart Black Edition

As you have a built in battery pack, you get a USB cable and travel adapter to make sure you can charge it anywhere around the world. The charging kit comes in a separate pencil case tucked away in its own compartment.

On the outside, you get a couple of quick access compartments where you can place travel documents. You can also fit any 15″ device, perfect for easy removal when going through airport security.

So what can the Bluesmart suitcase do which others can’t?

Location tracking: Global location tracking powered by GPS and 3G SIM card based communication system in partnership with Telefonica.

Bluesmart Location tracking

Charging on-the-go: Built-in USB charger with 10,400 mAh capacity, enough to charge a smartphone up to six times. The battery is compliant with FAA/TSA/DOT regulations.

Automatic and remote locking: TSA-approved, Bluetooth-enabled remote locking via the app, with automatic distance locking.

Bluesmart Weigh Scale

Integrated scale:  Built-in weight sensors inform via app whether suitcase is within airline limits.

Should you buy it?

If you’re in the market for something that offers more than just a suitcase, then yes you should consider the Bluesmart Black Edition suitcase. It offers location tracking that works with iOS or Android devices, so you will never lose your luggage. It even notifies you when you’re moving too far away from your suitcase.


With a built-in battery pack (10,400 mAh), you can charge your iPhone or Android smartphone twice over. For those who are always travelling and have the tendencies of running out of juice, you would really find it useful.  People will even envy you as you push and charge at the same time.

The integrated scale feature is very useful and makes life easier. Instead of risking the chance of going over and having t pay for the extra weight, you can weigh it yourself with the built-in digital scale; all it takes is your phone and the accompanying app.

Did I also mention the wheel is super quiet? yeah, you can go past people without anyone noticing.

Any negatives?

Well, it’s pricey! it’s currently selling for £525 directly from Bluesmart, however, you get a 2 years warranty against defects in materials and electronic defects. You also get a 100 days no questions asked return if you think it’s not for you after purchase.

Bluesmart Black Edition

Other issues I came across using the Bluesmart is that some airport scanners see the battery pack area as a threat and you may have to get your bag searched or swabbed for any potential hazard from time to time.  When travelling on low budget airlines with carryon size restrictions, you may be subject to size test and although you pass, it’s still a hassle sometimes.

Finally, it would have been great to be able to have the GPS feature built in or some sort of way to track the suitcase when in transit to the airport carousel. Many times people wait for their luggage or even panic if it’s ever coming.