Boston Dynamics Robot Dog Spotted Serving Beers In Spain

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Boston Dynamics Robot Dog Spotted Serving Beers In SpainRancio/Twitter

After spending a day collecting radiation readings from inside Chernobyl, it looks like Spot the robodog has been on a slightly less dangerous mission this week: serving beer to the people of Spain.

Spot has been spotted a few times in Seville, with one person posting a video on Twitter of the robodog carrying a tray of beers to a group of surprisingly unconcerned punters sitting outside a bar.


Roughly translated, the tweet reads, ‘Look at this, this is on the Cuesta del Rosario! we need an explanation! 2020, relax already!’

In another video posted to YouTube over the weekend, Spot can be seen wandering around a square in the city, this time without any beers. The video shows Spot admiring a statue, while understandably confused onlookers try to figure out what’s going on.

This obviously isn’t the same Spot that has been trotting around the site of a nuclear catastrophe, but it’s still a bit jarring to see another of the Boston Dynamics robodogs out in public in the space of a week.


According to local newspaper Diario De Sevilla, Spot’s new owner is a bar called La Gitana Loca, which has been experimenting with automated service as a way to reduce the risk of coronavirus infections. The newspaper reported back in May that the bar had debuted a robotic arm called Macco to pour drinks.


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It seems like Spot – one of the most advanced robotic animals in the world – might be a little bit overqualified for his new role as a bartender, but with Boston Dynamics making the dog publicly available for sale in Europe back in September, it looks like anyone willing to fork out the cash for Spot can do what they want with him.

Other Spots have been seen performing a range of different jobs over the past few months, including enforcing social distancing in a park in Singapore and herding sheep in New Zealand.


Is spending $75,000 on a robot dog in the middle of a pandemic the smartest financial decision for a local bar to make? Perhaps not. But at least it has people’s attention.

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