Boston Dynamics Sent Spot Into Chernobyl Nuclear Plant

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Boston Dynamics Sent Spot Into Chernobyl Nuclear PlantBoston Dynamics/Wikimedia Commons

Engineers from the University of Bristol have sent Spot, Boston Dynamics’ robotic dog, into Chernobyl to survey the area and detect levels of radiation.

The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant was visited by engineers from the University of Bristol and Spot on October 22, and the team intended to use the robot to create a three-dimensional map of the distribution of nuclear radiation. The area is extremely dangerous because of the fallout of the 1986 nuclear accident and, as a result, the robot adds new surveying capabilities to the teams involved. Other robots were also implemented to inspect and survey the area.


Aerial drones were used to survey the area and while these remote devices are useful, it seems that the robot by Boston Dynamics on the ground was the key to measuring the effects of radiation in the areas it explored, as Futurism reports.


Power Restored To Chernobyl Nuclear Plant After Fighting Causes Fresh Outage

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Spot is ideal for this kind of exploration because it can do the work independently without endangering the lives of the team. The robot explored areas with heavy nuclear radiation as well as the giant steel dome, which can be moved and is designed to prevent radiation. While there are no reports of the findings of the machine just yet, the team behind Spot will likely be pleased with the robot’s use in this case.

Boston Dynamics released Spot as a robot designed to take on and survey difficult terrains. Given that the machine has now had a successful application in an inhabitable environment, it seems that the value of Spot has been fully illustrated.


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