British Guy Live Tweets His 11-Hour Ordeal Trying To Make A Cup Of Tea


If you were to ask American’s to describe Britain in as few words as possible chances are that as well as the Queen, tea-drinking would rank pretty high in their answers too. 

And this story just proves how much we all love a good ol’ cuppa, according to Mashable.


Do you remember that episode of Father Ted where Ted buys Misses Doyle a TeaMaster that she absolutely despises because it’s too techy. Well now even for me things have too techy with the recently released WiFi kettle…

And like all things techy, they fuck up – a lot as one incredibly unfortunate data specialist, Mark Rittman, found out last week when trying to make a lovely brew with his Wi-Fi kettle.


Fortunately, Mark tweeted the entire thing. From his optimistic and thirsty beginning to the 11 hour soul-destroying struggle which followed.

He began by tweeting: ‘Still haven’t had a first cup of tea this morning, debugging the kettle and now iWifi base-station has reset’.

Yep, I have no idea what that means either.


He continued:

As you can probably imagine, plenty of helpful Twitter users were on hand to offer Mark some great advice:

Mark wasn’t discouraged:

And finally – after 11 hours of incessant struggling Mark finally conquered this beastial machine and boiled water:

They say that good things come to those that wait, but personally I think I’ll stick to my normal kettle.