Brutal New App Lets You Rate And Review Everyone You Know

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Well, this could get pretty brutal.

A new app called Peeple which allows users to rate people – essentially Yelp for human beings – is set to be released in November.

You’ll be able to rate everyone you know from one to five stars and leave reviews. And you can rate absolutely everyone – you can’t opt out of the app, once someone has put your name in the system you’re there forever, unless you violate their terms of service, The Independent reported. You can’t delete bad reviews either, obviously.

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All you need to let the world know how much of a dick your ex is, is a Facebook account and their phone number. You add them to one of three categories: personal, professional or romantic, with positive reviews going up immediately and negative reviews going in a private inbox for 48 hours in case of dispute. If you’re not registered to the site then the negative reviews don’t show on your page.

But a quick search of their Facebook page suggests no one wants the app, with pretty much every comment vehemently opposed to the idea:

Hey Visitors to our page: We hear you loud and clear. 1. You want the option to opt in or opt out.2. You don’t want…

Posted by Peeple on Wednesday, 30 September 2015

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And on it went.

Looks like the app’s creators aren’t going to be very popular people. At least now there’s an outlet for people to rate them.