Bugatti Unveils Its New Supercar The Bugatti Bolide

by : Daniel Richardson on : 28 Oct 2020 11:41
Bugatti Unveils Its New Supercar The Bugatti BolideBugatti

Bugatti creates incredible cars that leverage innovative technology, and the company has now revealed a new vehicle which looks set to deliver unparalleled power.

The Bugatti ‘Bolide’ takes the W16 8-litre capacity engine and applies it to a new lighter concept that can deliver a weight-to-power ratio of 0.67 kg per PS. In fact, the dry weight of this vehicle is just 2,733 pounds. This translates to a concept car that can go from zero to 500 km/h in just 20.16 seconds. Safe to say, in typical style, the new Bugatti is incredibly fast and powerful, and this has been achieved through a series of innovations.


This concept car uses four turbochargers to deliver 1,825 hp, which is 325hp more than the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport. With this in mind, the vehicle looks set to deliver unprecedented power, while it also uses unique systems to enable the force of the vehicle. The Bolide uses a new air-to-air intercooler alongside a water pre-cooling system to regulate the temperature of the intake and it features an updated oiling system. On top of power and technology, the vehicle looks incredibly bold.

The Bolide uses a roof scoop that adjusts as speeds increase to reduce drag, while it also uses X-shaped headlights that add to the unique look of the concept. Somewhat predictably, the vehicle is low to the ground and is no taller than the Type 35. All in all, this leads to a vehicle that stands out while keeping the Bugatti charm.

Test runs of the car have showcased how the looks, technology and power of the vehicle lead to an impressive output. The concept car has already done a Le Mans lap of 3:07 and it can hit a top speed of more than 300 mph.


Many people would love to drive this powerhouse, but like most Bugatti vehicles it will be difficult to get hold off and will set a lucky buyer a considerable amount of money. Nonetheless, the vehicle is an incredible achievement.

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