Campaign Monetises Trump Tweets For Black-Led Political Organisations

by : Emily Brown on : 29 Jun 2020 13:00
Campaign Monetises Trump Tweets For Black-Led Political OrganisationsCampaign Monetises Trump Tweets For Black-Led Political OrganisationsPA Images

An innovative campaign hoping to get Trump out of office is funding Black-led political organisations by monetising the president’s tweets. 


If there’s one thing the POTUS loves to do – aside from make accusations about fake news – it’s tweet. Every day, without fail, multiple posts pop up on his account as he expresses his opinions on politics, society, conspiracy theories and his own personal achievements, among many, many other things.

A lot of people probably wish Trump would put down his phone and focus on making the world a better place, but as the chances of that happening are slim, a new campaign aims to make the most of his content.

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Defeat by Tweet is a political action committee (PAC) created by a group of Democratic activists and organisations that partnered to help raise money for the fight against Trump.

The campaign is powered by the app Momentum, which allows automatic donations to vetted non-profits, and allows users to pledge a donation between one cent and 10 cents for every time Trump hits ‘Tweet’ on his account.

The idea to raise money from Trump’s tweets came about last year, with people choosing charities to donate to, though this specific campaign is focused on defeating the current president in the upcoming November election.

Xander Schultz, the founder of Defeat by Tweet, told ABC News Trump averages about 30 tweets a day, with the platform capping donations at $45 a month, which equates to 900 tweets.

If the campaign is successful in getting 1,000,000 people to donate an average of two cents per tweet, the POTUS will be inadvertently contributing $18 million per month to the cause.

Nick Fitz, the founder and CEO of Momentum, explained the money will go towards lifting political groups led by people who, historically, didn’t have a voice in politics.

President Donald TrumpPresident Donald TrumpPA Images

Made in the president’s name, donations will be made directly to the Justice Fund, a group of 15 Black-led political organisations with the intention of getting Trump out of office. Organisations such as Color of Change PAC, The Collective, and Black Voters Matter Fund will be included in the campaign.

Speaking of the campaign, Schultz commented:

This is a way for us to add direct consequences for his actions. The more you spread hate, the worse your reelection odds will become.

As well as thwarting Trump’s re-election, Shultz wants the campaign to ‘catch this momentum around Black Lives Matter and translate it into serious support for Black political power.’

The founder was inspired to create the platform following Black Lives Matter protests that began after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

The creators hope Defeat by Tweet will raise anywhere between $50 million to $100 million by November, and they plan to keep expanding the campaign after Election Day.

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