Canadian City Is Building Bridges Using Recycled Wine Bottles

by : Daniel Richardson on : 02 Nov 2020 16:52
recycled bridgeVille de Montréal/PA

Wine bottles are frequently used and so it makes sense that they’re recycled, but few initiatives have been as ingenious as using recycled wine bottles to create a bridge.

Canada is no stranger to recycling wine bottles. In fact, the country has been using glass bottle powder in its pavements since 2011. But a new project has now been launched that uses 70,000 glass bottles to create a bridge on Nuns’ Island, Montreal. Similarly to the pavements, the glass will be powdered and mixed with cement to achieve a strong structure.


The idea for this kind of structure began in 2017 when Étienne Cantin Bellemare, lead designer and engineer of the project, was researching ‘Novel Ultra-High Performing Glass Concrete’. Three years later and this research is being practically applied to a bridge.

bridge made from wine bottlesVille de Montréal

Around 10% of the bridge will be made from recycled glass, which is not only good for the environment but also strengthens the bridge.

Bellemare explained to MTL Blog how the glass strengthens concrete structures:


Using glass powder is going to increase the durability of the concrete — durability [against] freezing and thawing and resistance to ice and salt. The concrete is going to be a little more strong also.

Moving forward a second bridge that uses the same method is set to begin construction next year and the appearance of these bridges are becoming striking with the help of the architectural company Provencher Roy.

With this project looking set to be a success, the recycling process may be adopted by other countries who use plenty of wine bottles.

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