Cat Noises Can Now Be Translated Through A New App

by : Daniel Richardson on : 18 Nov 2020 12:41
Cat Noises Can Now Be Translated Through A New AppAkvelon/PA

If you have longed to know what those random meows and long glares from your cat mean, a new app plans to solve this mystery. MeowTalk is an innovative app solution that translates the noises of cats.

Sometimes figuring out why your cat is meowing about can be tough, but Akvelon intends to use AI in its app, MeowTalk, to understand what your cat specifically wants.


The app has been developed by former Amazon engineer Javier Sanchez, and it is attracting attention thanks to its unique approach to understanding an animal that does not communicate through a verbal language with its own kind.

Cats do not communicate with each other like humans, so the application focuses on nine different messages that cats try to convey to people. Of course, one of them is the classic cat prompt that goes something like ‘Where is the food? When are you going to get the food? Why aren’t you getting the food now?’ and so on.

In a webinar about MeowTalk, the technology was explained:


Every cat has their own unique vocabulary that they use to communicate with their owners. For instance, each cat has their own distinct meow for phrases like ‘feed me’ or ‘let me out.’ With MeowTalk, you can create a profile for your cat and start using its auto-recognition to translate your cat’s meows.

Several translations are already built-in, but specific translations will require a little training of the app to recognize your cat’s specific vocabulary. If you know a translation is wrong, just fix it through the app and select the correct translation. MeowTalk learns with each translation you confirm.

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While this technology won’t enable cat owners to have a full grasp of every need of the cat, it will help them spot requests that they may miss and avoid the cat menacingly standing over them while they sleep at night.

This looks like an exciting technology that will enable owners to decrypt the wants of their cat with technology that develops an understanding of pet-specific sounds. With that in mind, this application will likely be appreciated by cat owners.


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