China’s Elevated Bus Concept To Ease Traffic Becomes A Reality


China’s Elevated bus concept designed to ease traffic performed its first road test today, making it a reality

China’s population as of July 2014 is estimated to be around 1,393,783,836 and is equivalent to 19.24% of the total world population, so you can imagine how bad traffic must be over there.

Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) can carry 300 passengers for now

With China’s population in mind, they have designed an elevated bus to drive 10 feet above vehicles to ease road traffic woes. Powered by electricity, it doesn’t just solve road congestion issues but also helps keep the planet clean and free of CO2 emissions.

Transit Elevated Bus

At about 72 feet long and 25 feet wide, the Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) can carry 300 passengers for now and after trial, it should hit max speeds of around 40 miles per hour and expand for 1,200 people.

Transit Elevated Bus

With speed, energy efficiency, space for a lot of passengers and no interruption to other vehicles on the road, it makes it a viable option for China and other countries with road traffic issues.

The first trial run drove 300 metres down a test track and seemed to be successful, so it’s only a matter of time before it’s fully implemented.