Chinese Tech Firm Defends Bathroom Break Toilet Timers

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Chinese Tech Firm Defends Bathroom Break Toilet TimersWeibo

A Chinese tech company has responded to its alleged introduction to timed toilet breaks.

When employees at Kuaishou, a Beijing-based tech firm, began snapping pictures while they were using the toilet, it got a lot of people angry. No, not because they’d overshared, but because they revealed the massive digital timers that loomed above the cubicles.


The implication here is that staff are being timed each occasion they drop their pants, which, as you can imagine, no one is very happy about.

Once photos of the digital clock faces began to pop up on Chinese social media site Weibo, people naturally reacted negatively.

‘Now people don’t even have the freedom to take a sh*t?’, raged one user.

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‘This is outrageous. They want you to do your work quickly and also take a dump quickly!’, commented another angry person.

In an attempt to respond to the accusation, Kuaishou shared a statement on Weibo – China’s version of Twitter, which boasts around 200 million users – to deny this is the case and explain that employees are not being timed while they do their personal business.

The public statement reads:

The fact is that there are currently a limited number of toilets on the site, and there is a serious problem of employees queuing to go to the toilet. But because of the building’s construction layout, it is extremely difficult to build new toilet cubicles within the building.


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So, its excuse is there aren’t enough toilets, there isn’t enough space to build more, and it’s all merely to combat queuing.

However, the intent could be more dodgy than it’s willing to admit.

StandardToilet 2StandardToilet

At the end of 2019, you may recall us reporting on sloping loos designed to discourage workers from sitting on the throne for too long.


Apparently, in the UK alone, £16 billion is lost thanks to liberal use of extended toilet breaks (which is a mind-melting statistic), so the concept of StandardToilet was peddled. The idea was to keep people in a squatted position and encourage them, through physical discomfort, to avoid spending prolonged periods on the loo. Suffice to say the idea of a slanting toilet didn’t exactly take off, but who is to say that in a year’s time, we won’t all be using them?

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