Dads Once Again Defeated By Technology As Christmas Hoverboards Fight Back


Every year there is a must have present, and this year, it’s the hoverboard.

The hoverboard might be fun and very cool, but it’s also quite lethal. Apparently.

No we’re not talking about them unexpectedly bursting into flames, although they can do that .


Instead we’re talking about bumbling dads trying to ride them. It seems they just can’t resist trying out the battery powered skateboards and most are ending up on their arses.

Despite some of the falls looking particuarly painful, they’re also hilarious and thankfully Twitter managed to archive the best of them for us.

Fathers the world over are being rushed to hospital this holiday season.

The reason why? Dads across the world are injuring themselves trying to be down with the kids and ride hoverboards.

Most just end up looking a tit.

But others are getting pretty seriously hurt.

Or even spending the holidays in hospital.

We’ve got to admit as much as it must hurt, it does look pretty funny.

This guy looks like he’s got the hang of it… maybe not.

That’s right aim for the nice soft concrete not the grass.

See this guy knew! Aim for the carpet, not the floor.

The wall decorations are bearing the brunt of the craze.

That’s not to say mums are any better.

Even Santa can’t ride one safely.

Although apparently this guy managed to come away unharmed.

Remember stay safe this Christmas and try and keep your hoverboard out of your dad’s hands. He’ll only hurt himself.