Concept Artist Imagines BMW M4 Coupe As A Camper

by : Hannah Smith on : 13 Nov 2020 13:30
Concept Artist Imagines BMW M4 Coupe As A CamperInstagram / @BradBuilds

Life on the road is having a bit of a moment this year, as people look to escape the monotony of life in lockdown. But one car enthusiast has really pushed the limits, imagining what a BMW M4 would look like if you turned it into a camper van.

It seems like just about anything can be converted into a camper van these days, from school buses to regular old Ford Transits. LA-based concept artist @BradBuilds has shown that even high-performance coupes can get in on the action.


At first, it looks like the designer has done the comparatively simple job of modding an M4 for off-roading. The suspension has been raised, it’s been fitted with some heavy duty off-roading tyres as well as a custom grill, and it looks like it’s got a camping trailer attached to the back, but other than that, no big deal.

Instagram / @BradBuilds

But once you start to move around to the back, you realise just how insane the makeover is. That camping trailer? It’s not just being towed along, it’s actually part of the car. A huge hunk of the M4’s roof and rear has been cut out to make way for a what is essentially a built-in cabin, taking the rear seating with it.

It’s so seamlessly done that in photos from the side, it looks more like the trailer is partially hidden behind the car, rather than actually embedded in the roof.

Instagram / @BradBuilds

@BradBuilds said of his handywork:

Sporting a bed, kitchenette and a pair of solar panels, this M4 is ready for anything! Truthfully, it’d probably get better gas mileage than most camper vans

Figured with all the widebody variations of this car already out, something different would be nice

Who knows what this thing would actually be like to drive, but it seems fair to say that the addition of an entire living space on the back would probably require a fair chunk of the M4’s performance to be sacrificed.


You’ll have to make your own mind up about whether it’s worth it.

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