Concept For PS5 Slim Looks Incredible

by : Daniel Richardson on : 29 Oct 2020 16:09
Concept For PS5 Slim Looks IncredibleLetsGoDigital

The PlayStation 5 is set to be a sizable console, inspiring some to create a stunning design that would be perfect for the slim version of the console.

Currently, Sony offers a standard and a digital version of the PlayStation 5, and both are difficult to get hold off. While the pre-orders for the PlayStation 5 sold out almost immediately, many have begun noting the size of the systems when they are seen in real life.


Due to the large nature of the PS5, many are hoping for a slim version of the console to be eventually released.

So, LetsGoDigital and Jermaine Smit have come up with a design that it seems many would like to get their hands on.

The concept for the console essentially removes one of the two faceplates and trims down the core of the PlayStation 5. The result is a tidy console that may actually fit inside a cabinet. The concept illustrates the slim design in black and white, both of which look stylish and more manageable than the current console.


Many fans have wanted to see what the console would look like in a completely black design, and this version of the console has already received praise. In fact, due to the demand for a different colour console, companies have begun offering faceplates for the PlayStation 5 that will allow users to have a completely black system.

PS% SlimLetsGoDigital

Whether Sony will develop a slim version of the PS5 remains to be seen, but many would like a design like this one to be implemented in the future. The last generation saw a slim and a pro boost console sales when demand would typically slow. With that in mind, there may be an announcement of a slimmer console in the coming years, although whether a black version of the console arrives is still a mystery.

Given the size of the standard version of the PlayStation 5, there will undoubtedly be a market for a smaller version of the console in the future. With that said, the PlayStation 5 is already selling well and the arrival of the Slim may be dependent on how the larger console sells and how long it retains its pulling power.


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