Creepy Basketball Robot Hits Three-Pointer At Olympics Half-Time

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 26 Jul 2021 07:51
Creepy Basketball Robot Hits Three-Pointer At Olympics Half-TimeFIBA/Twitter

A robot basketball player is giving its human counterparts a run for their money after scoring a perfect three-pointer.

The impressive shot took place during half-time of Saturday’s Olympic basketball game, July 24, between France and the US. The American team lost 83-76 to their French opponents.


The robot appeared to be a CUE, first built by Japanese car manufacturer Toyota in 2018, and it’s safe to say it looks like it belongs in a horror movie.

Basketball Toyota Robot (Toyota)Toyota

Toyota’s third-generation CUE, imaginatively named CUE3, broke a Guinness World Record two years ago for ‘most consecutive basketball free throws by a humanoid robot (assisted)’, Huffington Post reports.

The robot made an impressive 2,020 free throws in six hours and 35 minutes. It stopped at this number to give the nod to Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics.


It’s unknown if the robot who made the phenomenal shot on Saturday was a CUE3 or if it was Toyota’s next-generation robot.

If you were impressed by the robot’s three-pointer, it also made an almost impossible shot from halfway across the court. The few spectators that were there watched in awe and cheered as the ball went through the hoop.

People have since taken to social media to share their thoughts on the robot. One person wrote, ‘Amazed or Appalled? Playing sports is a human thing. Humanizing robots is concerning!!!’


Someone else said, ‘Japan is even further ahead than #BostonDynamics. At least they don’t have them doing flips before doing slam-dunks. With the wheels, this could be a futuristic rollerball right out of the movie “AI.”‘

Sharing the video, someone joked, ‘Nah this ain’t scary at all,’ while another Twitter user said:

A robot basketball player has made its debut at the Tokyo Olympics — and it turns out, the thing is pretty damn good at shooting baskets … almost scary good. Actually, just scary.…


The general consensus was that the robot was pretty creepy. Meanwhile, others said they’d be interested in watching robot basketball teams play one another.

While the shots were superb, I don’t think human basketball players have too much to worry about just yet as the robot was quite slow to line up a shot.

Players can only hold a ball for a maximum of five seconds, and the robot took 10 seconds to line up the shot.

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    A Basketball Robot Hit A Three-Pointer During Half Time At The Olympics