Disneyland Plans To Have Roaming Robots And People Are Frightened

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Disneyland Plans To Have Roaming Robots And People Are FrightenedPA Images

Disneyland is in the process of creating robot versions of its well-loved characters, and people aren’t sure how to feel about it.

The free-roaming robots may soon be pottering around the streets of Disneyland parks across the globe, replacing the usual human-dressed characters of Mickey Mouse and friends.


While the idea of robots taking over the attraction parks is already a bit odd, the bots are also said to have cameras and sensors on them so they can decide what to do and say.

Anyone else getting I, Robot vibes?

I, Robot (20th Century Fox)20th Century Fox

It’s thought Disney has taken on the project in a bit to ‘stay relevant’, but arguably bringing robots into the park is maybe too futuristic, if anything.


The news was first broken by The New York Times in an article titled ‘Are You Ready for Sentient Disney Robots?’, and people were quick to share their thoughts.

One person wrote, ‘Absolutely not. Disney isn’t supposed to be a frightening place to take children. As an adult I’M AFRAID OF ROBOTS AND I’M NOT ABOVE ADMITTING IT. I certainly wouldn’t bring children if I’m afraid to go myself.’

Another person wrote, ‘HAVE THEY NOT SEEN THE SIMPSONS?!? They own the show so they should watch it to see how this ends.’


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Meanwhile, others compared it to Westworld. Someone tweeted, ‘Disney is turning into Westworld in real life. They should have feeds of the robots wandering the parks at night. Hope their robots dont start attacking guests or collecting DNA without permission. Will they name the first one Delores?’

Safe to say people aren’t loving the idea of a robot-filled Disneyland.

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