Diver ‘Finds Infamous Missing Nuclear Bomb, Solves 60-Year Mystery’

operation_upshot-knothole_-_badger_001National Nuclear Security Administration / Nevada Site Office

Not the kind of thing you stumble upon everyday, but a diver believes he has discovered the long lost unexploded nuclear bomb off the coast of Canada that has been missing for over 50 years.

The Telegraph claims that diver, Sean Smyrichinsky, first thought he had unearthed a UFO before realising he may have finally solved a half-a-century long mystery of a missing bomb.

Average day then.


Over 60-years ago near British Columbia, the American Bomber plane crashed whilst heading to Texas for a simulated nuclear air strike when disastrously its engines caught on fire, sadly killing five of its 17 crew.

The nuclear bomb it was carrying was disturbingly never found…

However, to lighten the tone, aside from first thinking the diver had just plummeted straight into the lair of an ancient alien, the guy likened his finding to, wait for it…

downloadEvan Amos

A bagel.


‘Bigger than a kingsize bed.’



This is the beast that has lain dormant for so many years.

mk4_fat_man_bombUS Government

The question now is if it is unexploded…is it safe?

The Canadian government are heading straight over to check it out as as even though they say it does not contain any ‘active’ nuclear material, the American military say it was filled with lead, uranium and TNT.


However, they claim it would not be enough to cause a nuclear explosion as it does not contain plutonium.

Good to know…