Doctors Grow Ear On Man’s Arm And Successfully Transplant It

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Chinese doctors have managed to do the incredible and grow a man’s ear on his arm after he lost it in a horrific accident.


It sounds like something out of a sci-fi film and I suppose it sort of is, but it’s pretty impressive surgeons these days, surgeons are able to achieve the near impossible. After Mr Ji lost his right ear, in a traumatic road accident, phenomenal doctors decided to do something mind-blowing and physically grow his lost ear back- but this time, on his arm.

The operation was successful and Mr Ji’s new, fully grown ear, has now been reattached to his head, the Independent reports. Dr Guo Shuzhing must have had absolute patience of steal to have completed the intricate seven hour procedure this week at the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an.


The astonishing plastic surgeon has announced blood has been flowing through Mr Ji’s ear and has deemed the nerve-wracking procedure, a success. After Mr Ji was in the terrible collision in 2015, he suffered major injuries to his face and needed lengthy surgery to reconstruct his skin and cheeks.


Unfortunately, he also lost his ear and the damage to the right side of his head, was so bad, doctors could not regenerate a new ear over the scar.

He obviously felt disappointed and frustrated by this and told China News:

I lost one ear. I have always felt that I am not complete.

Warning graphic footage:

WarningGraphic ImageClick to reveal.

Quick-thinking Dr Guo decided this – rather serious problem – was not going to hold him back however and embarked on plan b to get Mr Ji a new ear. He joined the challenge in 2016 and started the simple sounding three-step-plan to growing an ear ( he makes it sound like growing vegetables.)

Firstly, he placed a skin expander under Mr Ji’s right arm, then took cartilage from his rib to create the ‘ear’ piece,along with 3D-printing technology. The homemade organ was planted into his forearm and grown for several months, until it was ‘ripe’ for the picking (sorry.)

With the growth of the new ear successful, the surgeon’s then transplanted the organ from his arm and carefully reattached it to the patient’s head. Mr Ji will have to stay in hospital for a further two weeks following the operation and as soon as his ear is deemed to be ‘fully functioning’ he may go.


Dr Guo was the first to carry out a face transplant in China and claims he has performed this type of surgery on 500 children.

An amazing story. It’s fantastic people are out there to do this sort of ‘miracle surgery.’

I’m obviously extremely pleased for Mr Ji, but does anyone else feel slightly nauseous at the thought of growing your own ear?

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    Chinese doctor grows human ear on man's arm after it was ripped off in car crash