Dutch Police Are Now Using Eagles To Take Down Drones

by : UNILAD on : 02 Feb 2016 19:05

Private drones are quickly becoming the scourge of security forces the world over, forcing officials to develop a range of anti-drone strategies.


In Japan, they’ve gone with the mentality of fighting fire with fire, developing police drones which will ensnare suspect craft in a net.

In Holland, they have seemingly opted for a more low-tech approach, using eagles.

That’s right, Dutch police are actually training eagles to intercept drones.

Check it out:


According to Konbini, Dutch cops approached a Danish organisation called ‘Guard From Above’ (“A Low Tech Solution for a High Tech Problem”) to find the right birds of prey for their operation.

Despite the birds using their feet to catch a drone with fast rotating propeller blades, they are reportedly trained how to catch and release the drones safely.

Allegedly, the police will decide in the coming months whether or not the eagles will be brought into active duty.

And, based on this footage from Australia, eagles seem to have a natural penchant for taking down nuisance drones.


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    Dutch Cops Are Training Eagles To Attack Drones