Eight Reasons People Are Convinced The Moon Landings Were A Hoax

by : Tom Percival on : 03 Jan 2016 09:00

Tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists have denied that we went to the moon for years, but are they right? 

Arguably man’s greatest achievement, beside making pizza that can be cooked in a microwave, is breaking the shackles of gravity and flying to the moon. However despite this easily being one of the coolest things ever, some people doubt that it actually happened, in fact quite a few people. In the UK one quarter of people don’t believe that we went to the moon and the Russians kind of dispute it as well. So did man make it to the moon? Or was this the work of a vague but menacing government body with devious designs?


There are actually some ‘legitimate’ reasons why America may have wanted the world to believe it had been to the Moon. The main claim is that America didn’t want to lose face and have the Russians beat them there,  you see before the US made it to the Moon they were losing the space race badly. This wasn’t just dick measuring either, this was during the Cold War where the West needed to prove that it was technologically superior to the USSR to stop World War 3 breaking out.

A number of conspiracy theorists claim to have proof that the Moon landing was faked, so here’s eight ‘plausible’ reasons why the Moon landing may have been faked… and why their clearly bullshit.

No Stars In The Photos

moon no starsmoon no starsaplanetruth.info

Space, relatively speaking, is full of stars so you’d expect to see them in the pictures that were taken on the Moon but the photo’s that the astronauts took don’t have any stars in them. Conspiracy theorists claim that this proves that the photo’s were actually taken on a sound stage.

NASA have typically used their precious ‘science’ to explain why the sky is starless. They explained that all manned missions to the Moon took place in the lunar daytime. This means that the stars were outshone by the sun and the light being reflected off the Moon. The cameras were set up for day light lighting so couldn’t detect the stars when photos were taken.

A likely story, but no stars wasn’t their only mess up…

Identical Backgrounds


Eagle-eyed conspiracy theorists noticed something fishy in the video’s taken on the Moons surface, the same hills kept appearing. The obvious reason is that building realistic sets can be expensive, and the shadowy cabal of Freemasons who orchestrated the plan ran out of money while building their fake Moon sound stage.

However the conspiracy theorists may have been a bit over excited. The backgrounds in the photo’s aren’t identical, they’re just really really similar. In fact the photo’s looks so familiar because the Moon is so barren and it doesn’t have an atmosphere so it plays tricks on the brain. You see the ‘hills’ in the photos are actually full blown mountains many miles away. The lack of objects in the photo’s means you find it difficult to judge size and distance. Add to that the lack of haze obscuring the hills make it look clearer and therefore closer than it actually is. All this makes the two pictures look very similar even though they’re quite different.


Typical of scientists to use science to explain away their obvious mistake! But can they explain this…

Clumsy Coca-Cola Bottle

14261821019871426182101987Coca Cola

NASA, and the vague yet menacing government body they’re subservient to, were no doubt rubbing their hands together in glee at getting away with convincing the world that man had gone to the Moon. But they weren’t counting on one keen eyed viewer who nearly brought the whole conspiracy down.

Una Ronald from Perth, Australia claimed that she saw a Coca-Cola bottle roll across the corner of her TV during the live broadcast of the Apollo 11 EVA. She also claimed that others saw the clumsy accident and wrote letters into the local paper.

Her claims however are clearly bullshit and their are huge flaws in the story. The biggest being that she claims she had to stay up late to watch the Moon landing live while everyone else in Australia watched the landing in the middle of their day… when it was on.

However it’s not the only photographic mistake NASA made…



In some of the photos taken we can see what looks like a crosshair on the pictures, at time it appears that this crosshair is behind objects in the photos. If the pics were legitimate then it would be impossible for the cross hair to appear behind an object, leading conspiracy theorists to believe that they were painted on. Not even the Illuminati can explain this one.

Unfortunately NASA can… again. You see the crosshair appearing behind objects only appears on copied and scanned photo’s not the originals. It’s caused by over exposure and causes the white to ‘bleed’ over the crosshair.


This next one will stump them though, it’s time to use their science against them…

Cosmic Radiation Would Have Killed The Astronauts


Part of what makes Earth super nice to live on, is that it generates a magnetic field that protects us from all the cosmic radiation that floods space. One of the issues of space travel is that it’s difficult to protect yourself from this cosmic energy, and getting hit by this radiation won’t give you superpowers… unless a slow death thanks to radiation poisoning counts as a super power. Conspiracy theorists have pointed out that this radiation, called the Van Allen radiation, would have killed the astronauts had they really gone to the Moon.

Unfortunately NASA went and spoiled things by using science to demonstrate that this isn’t entirely true. Although deep space radiation is a thing, it wasn’t a problem during man’s mission to the moon. You see there are two main Van Allen belts, the inner belt and the outer belt. The inner belt is the more dangerous one, containing more energy. The outer one has less-dangerous low-energy electrons. On the way to the moon, the Apollo spacecraft passed through the inner belt in just a few minutes and the outer belt in about one and a half hours. The astronauts were protected from the radiation by the aluminum hulls of the spacecraft. Furthermore, NASA being a bunch of clever clogs chose and orbital transfer trajectory from the earth to the moon which reduced radiation exposure. All in all, the trip was about the equivalent of working in a nuclear plant for a year, not great but nowhere near the lethal dosage the theorists think.

Or is this just what the sinister cabal of lizard people who secretly rule the world want us to think.

The Lunar Modules made no blast craters

090716-04-no-crater-under_big090716-04-no-crater-under_bigNational Geographic

Check mate NASA! A module landing on the Moon should realistically have left a crater in the Moon’s soft sand as its thrusters maneuvered it into a safe landing position. It seems that the shadowy agency behind the conspiracy were too busy thinking about the big picture to realise such an obvious mistake.

Of course the boffins at NASA have ruined things again with their precious logic. You see NASA say no crater should be expected. First of all the surface of the moon is almost solid rock so it wouldn’t leave a crater anyway but also the lessened effect of gravity on the moon also meant that the module needed significantly less thrust than you’d expect to land safely.

They surely can’t explain wind on the moon though…

The Fluttering Flag


Keen eyed conspiracy theorists spotted an extremely basic mistake on the part of the astronauts and it happened during one of the most watched and filmed moments of the Apollo mission. When the astronauts placed the American flag into the ground it fluttered despite their being no wind on the Moon. The only obvious explanation is that the mission was filmed on Earth and a breeze blew the flag.

The conspiracy theorists interpretation makes sense, which is good, unfortunately it’s easily debunked. The flag they planted was fastened to a rod  so that it didn’t hang down. The flag only fluttered when the astronauts were moving it into position. Without air to cause drag, these movements caused the free corner of the flag to swing like a pendulum for some time. The footage also shows that when the astronauts let go of the flag it moves briefly but then remains stops still.

Who Filmed Neil Armstrong Stepping Onto The Moon?

The footage of Neil Armstrong stepping onto the Moon is now iconic the world over, as man made it’s first supposed steps on an alien world. But if Neil was the first man on the Moon, who filmed the video of him stepping onto the Moon? Obviously when the FBI and CIA were planning the fake Moon landing they forgot that logically no one would be there to film him!

In fact the answers a lot more simple than that. The Lunar module filmed them with an on-board TV camera… that’s about it.

So for all the claims that we never went to the Moon we discount pretty much all of them using science and logic. To be honest why we trust people on you tube who’ve just about learned how to edit a video together and draw red circles on pictures more than scientists is pretty fucking worrying.

Recently a video of ‘Stanley Kubrick’, who it was alleged shot the fake Moon landing, came out where he confessed that we never went to the Moon. I’ll tell you now it was bullshit, the evidence that we went is too strong. First of all we can actually see the lunar kit on the Moon, secondly we put mirrors on the Moon to prove we’d been and finally and perhaps most importantly Russia admitted at the time that we’d been and they’d have the most to gain by proving we didn’t. So I’m afraid that tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists are fighting a losing battle.

Unless that vague but menacing government body want us to believe they’re crackpots…

Tom Percival

More of a concept than a journalist, Tom Percival was forged in the bowels of Salford University from which he emerged grasping a Masters in journalism. Since then his rise has been described by himself as ‘meteoric’ rising to the esteemed rank of Social Editor at UNILAD as well as working at the BBC, Manchester Evening News, and ITV. He credits his success to three core techniques, name repetition, personality mirroring, and never breaking off a handshake.


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