Elon Musk Makes $4 Million After Joke He Made On Twitter


Elon Musk has flogged over $4 million worth of flamethrowers because, well, he’s Elon Musk innit. That’s how he rolls. 

The Boring Company is selling a flamethrower for $500 and Musk, being Musk, is tweeting their milestones.

He sold 1,000 units within three hours overnight on January 27 and 28, and sold a further 2,000 during the day. This morning, it hit the 7,000 mark. He only needs to reach 8,000 to bag himself the $4 million mark, which he’s surely done by now.

The Boring Company

If you’re wanting one, don’t worry. There’s a total of 20,000 flamethrowers. You can find out more about them here.

Hey, speaking of Elon Musk did you hear about that new book detailing the seedy side of Silicon Valley? It includes the businessman ‘accidentally’ turning up to a sex party.

In an extract from her forthcoming book Brotopia, about the private side of the tech industry, journalist Emily Chang recalled a June 2017 party at a venture capitalist’s house that turned a bit over-familiar.

Elon’s people denied him having any sexual involvement at the shindig despite confirming he had been there. And why didn’t he get stuck in, as it were? Old Musk thought it was a ‘corporate’ costume-themed party, apparently.

Sunset on the roof of the Gigafactory

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He spent his time talking about technology and business before leaving at 1am, a representative told Insider.

They said:
Elon was at the party for a couple hours and left around 1am after talking with several DFJ-funded entrepreneurs about technology and building companies.

His impression was that it was a corporate party with a costume theme, not a ‘sex party’, and there was no indication that it would become one after he left.

Entrepeunuer Paul Biggar, who left the party at 12.30am, wrote in a blog:

I don’t want this to be anti-climactic, but I didn’t see any sex or drugs.

I went home at 12:30am, and I guess sex parties don’t really kick off until the boring f—ers go home.

I didn’t exactly know it was a sex party, and I got bored at some point and went home.

South Australia

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Chang writes in the book, as relayed to her by an anonymous ‘Jane Doe’:

Doe found herself on the floor with two couples, including a male entrepreneur and his wife. The living room had been blanketed in plush white faux fur and pillows, where, as the evening wore on, several people lay down and started stroking one another, Doe said, in what became a sizable cuddle puddle.

One venture capitalist, dressed up as a bunny (it’s unclear how this fit into the edge-of-the-earth theme), offered Jane Doe some powder in a plastic bag. It was Molly.

‘They said it will just make you feel relaxed and you’re going to like being touched,’ Doe recounted to me.

Tom Ford vs Ziplining harness

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Biggar spoke about the exploitation of women in the tech industry, adding:

Give women access by funding them, by mentoring them, by introducing them, by supporting and advising them. Do not create an ecosystem where women are systemically denied access to funding and power, and then exploit that lack of power to coerce women into having sex with you.

Not that sex is bad, nor that sex parties are bad. Using power to deny access to women, then providing access so long as they have sex with you; that’s abuse, and that’s f—ed up.

At the time of the alleged sex party, Elon Musk was dating actress Amber Heard.

You can find out more about Brotopia right here.